Complete the sentences with the correct compound noum from ex.84 on page 31.
тут толька подставлять слова

example:Where is Helen?-She went to buy a magazine.
Where is Helen?-She went to the news agent to buy a magazine.
1.What are you doing?-I am making some.... for dinner.I ve got a nev recipe.
2.Reading is a good hobby ins t it?Let s go to the.....and buy an interesting book about famous travellers.
3.I m tired.let s have a cup of coffee in this lovely....
4.Little kids like..... don t they?
5.His aunt uncle are painters.They live in the...and rarely come to the city.
6.What is his cousin?-He is a....

village shop
english salad
milk uniform
post agent
opera teacher
sun side
coffe soup
school set
travel book
news chocolate
vegetable driver
bus office
town man
farm park
book house
country singer

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Комментарий удален

Ответы и объяснения

1 salad
2 office
3 club
4 milk
5 country
6 singer
медленно потому что обедаю