сочинение 10-20предложений на английском по теме время мой распорядок дня СРОЧНО!!!!!!!!!!!!


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My daytime problem.
I have to go a busy day. I like reading best of all, because it helps me to relax.
My alarm goes off and I get up, have a shower and go to my kitchen to have breakfast. Then, I get dressed and go to school. My lessons start at 8 o'clock. I have got 8-9 lessons a day. I return home at three p. m., do my homework and in the evening I have a rest.
I set my alarm and go to bed. I sleep at 11 o'clock. It is my Daily routine. I sleep well. But some people have problems falling asleep and getting a night at the morning.
I can give you some pieces of advise how too fall a sleep.
Don't spend longer than thirty minutes trying to fall asleep. And I also know how to help them.
Get a fried to phone you early in the morning. And is able to have an interesting conversation at 7 a. m. to help you wake up.
Besides, I know a very vise proverb "early to Bed and Early to Rise makes a man healthy and wise.