помогите пожалуйста, надо срочно, уже сама не справлюсь... у меня есть сочинение о здоровом образе жизни, но только мне надо было слова с таблицы взять, но я этого не сделала.. может кто то поможет мне переделать сочинение..

Today in society, more people are fighting for a healthy lifestyle. They do not smoke, do exercise, do not eat bad food. Their main goal - to stay healthy to be active and live longer. I also support a healthy lifestyle. because we want to be healthy, we give up bad habits. That is not smoke, do not use drugs, do not drink alcohol.
should be a walk in the fresh air doing morning exercises and practice a particular sport. therefore we support our body in good physical shape.
Nutrition also affects on our health. It should adhere to the meal, eat only organic foods. fruit and vitamins provide our body with vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates. But we have to control portions. also do not forget that good food is not always useful to us. such food contains chemical impurities.
I believe that a healthy lifestyle is good - and support it. I want to be tough, strong and healthy, not to spend time on diseases and medicines


Ответы и объяснения

Today more and more people are promoting a healthy lifestyle. They do not smoke, do exercises or even yoga, limit junk food and keep their fridges stocked with fresh green. Their main goal is to stay healthy and young, live long and active. I also lead a healthy lifestyle and make healthy choices: no junk food, alcohol, smoking or drugs because I want to be young and beautiful as long as it will be possible. My mom was led by my example but for her it was very difficult to stay  on track for a healthy lifestyle. She had to change her old habits gradually and of course I was near by her side to lend a hand.  By the way, it helped us to become closer. Now we are best friends! We walk outside, do morning exercises and practice dancing. All those things and the right food help us keep our bodies in good physical health. Sound simple, right? So, follow my example, I'm ready to be your health educator.
Nutrition also affects our health. I am not a vegan, so I eat various kinds of food, but I try to cook it fresh just before the meal. But sometimes I have to control my portions.  
I believe that a healthy lifestyle means well being. I am sure it's better to spend some time for keeping fit and healthy than later waste your time in hospitals.