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Объясните,почему парниковый эффект может быть опасен для нашей планеты. Пожалуйста на английском!


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The perfect city to be aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to live and work in it. It should not take me too much time to achieve certain goals . It should not harm my health . It should give me enough opportunities for self- development and entertainment.One in which the possibility of coating available for all ( inability of many subway stations in Moscow to move wheelchairs depressing, the same applies to elevators in the buildings , entrances , etc.). For me, a comfortable city - clean city, one in which there is a space for living, including green , which not only stores , but also theaters, libraries, and clubs . The city , which felt the breath of time, it is not soured in the old time, but did not destroy it. Ideal cities did not know he was only in my imagination.