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Thanks for your letter. I had just left for school when I saw the postman and he gave it to me.It was really funny! I had read  it during Maths and it made me laugh. I almost got in trouble! Anyway, I'm excited because I had my first judo lesson yesterday. I was late for the lesson because when I got  there, I suddenly realised I had left  my judo suit at home! So I went all the way home and when I got  back, the lesson had already begun. The instructor was really nice, though, and I learned how to do some basic throws. Can't wait till next time!What about you and your taekwondo? The last time I spoke to you, you talked about giving it up. What  had you decided?I think that's all for now. My mum and I are going shopping shortly, so I'd better post this.Speak to you soon.Love,Charlotte