For questions 16 - 23, put each
phrasal verb from the box in the appropriate place in the text.

drop in living up to turned up paid for

ended up take out push on got on pointing out

Kate’s Travel Diary We decided to (0)
push on and try to reach Venice by Friday afternoon – before the
weekend hordes (16) ___________. Susan was eager to see the city
of waterways, as she had never been before, while I wanted to look up an old
friend called Davina, who was now studying Italian at university in Venice. Davina had given
me an open invitation to more or less (17) ____________ at any
time, and she was as good as her word, for she not only put us up, but also
spent the whole weekend (18) ____________ the sights to us. She
had never met Susan before, but they (19) ____________
immediately, which was a relief. My intention had been to pay her a flying
visit, and then head off to Trieste,
but we had such a wonderful time that we (20) ____________
staying for four days. Venice
did not disappoint us, (21) ____________ its reputation as the
most beautiful of cities.

a less triumphant note, poor Susan lost her handbag, including a large amount
of cash and her bank cards. She ran up a huge bill phoning home and contacting
her bank in London.
At least she’d had enough sense to (22) ____________ travel
insurance, so this (23) ____________ the costs of most of the


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Push on,got on,turned up,living up to,take out,pointing out,drop in,ended up.Все правильно вроде