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We live cat Masjanja . She is very beautiful . Chestnut with a white chest and paws. Everyone who saw it , recognized neobychaynuyuyu beauty. But this is not surprising Masya . It is unusual in its self-willed character. Sometimes it seems to me that it takes me a younger brother, and brings up.
One day , leaving the village , we left his family a kind and gentle cat . And there were two master's cat , big and strong . Even in this day, they were forced to move out, to take up permanent residence . How can our cutie was able to explain to them that now is the mistress of it , remains a mystery even to the hosts. She weaned them once and for all to lie down on the bed, sit on the chairs and stay in the house longer than that required for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our relatives who considered ILSA " room " , raznezhennoy cat started to respect her since.
Masjanja - excellent cat . She's not boring , it's always ready to play and talk heart to heart . When sad, it 's any consolation, but she had a good listener ! But this is not a good-natured " plush " cat . She is able to have his own , even with adults.
I love our ILSA , without it life would be boring.