Перевести прямую речь в косвенную: 1."How old are you, sir? Dr Foam asked. 2."I'm ninety-five," the man replied. 3."Can you tell us why you have lived so long?" Doctor Foam asked. 4."Why have you lived so long, sir?" Mrs Bulmer asked. 5."I don't know," the man replied. Например: "I see that you're a very old man," he said. косвенная: He said that he saw that he was a very old man. помогите пожалуйста:*


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1. Dr Foam asked how old he was.

2. The man replied that he was ninety five.

3. Doctor Foam asked if he could tell them why he had lived so long.

4. Mrs Bulmer asked why he had lived so long.

5. The man replied he didn't know.


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1.Dr Foam asked How old are you?

2.The man replied that he is ninety-five.

3.Doctor Foam asked why you had lived so long?

4.Mrs Bulmer asked to sir that why have you lived so long?

5.The man  replied that he doesn't  know.