Помогите 5 класс!!!!!!

Сomplete the sentences.Put the adjectives in the right form.

1)I can swim______________ this year after summer sports camp.(good)

2)Yestarday we took a Maths test . It was the___________Maths test in my lite!(difficult)

3)The weather today is_____________ than yestarday.It's cold and windy.(had)

4)When our group got an excellent mark in this project,I was the ___________person.(happy)

5)Stop!Let's have a rest.I think this road is_____________(long)way home.

6)What subject is _____________for you?-Science.(interesting)


Ответы и объяснения

2)most difficult
3) вы наверное имели ввиду "bad" , тогда там worse
5)the longest
6)the most interesting