5 класс сложить10 предложений
Скажите, что сделал на день рождения матери. Используйте глаголы в правильном напряженной форме.сделать, чтобы получить, планировать, бить, обжарить, чтобы украсить, установить, чтобы очистить.
Say what did for your mothers birthday. Use the verbs in the box in the correct tense form.

to make, to get, to plan, to beat, to fry, to decorate,to set, to clean.


Ответы и объяснения

My mom has her birthday toady, so she has already bagun to planning about it. First thing she Decorates our flat an she asked me to help her, I agreed. Now our flat looks nice an beautiful. Then she begin to cook celabrate dinner an the taysties cake in the world. I love it. She fries potato and fish. At this moment I am cleaning my room. to tell the truth I don't like it, but now it  looks muche better. The invideds have already came and now we are sitind at the big table and eating our dinner. This is the best birthdae ever! I love my family...