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14. Complete these dialogues writing the pupils questions. Use expressionsfromSocial English Section(Textbook, p. 65-66)1. P: ___________________________________________________________________ T: I don't think it is necessary. You can answer sitting at your desk.2. P: ___________________________________________________________________ Yes, please. It is dark in the classroom.3. P: ___________________________________________________________________ T: Yes, you can use the verbal phrase "to sit for an exam" instead of "to take an exam".4. P: ___________________________________________________________________ T: Yes, there are two p's in the world Mississippi and don't forget that s is doubled in both cases5. P: ____________________________________________________________________ T: No, that's not a mistak. You can say "Do you mind my opening the window?"6. P: ____________________________________________________________________ T: Sorry, it's certainly your turn. Go on reading, please.7. P: ____________________________________________________________________ T: All right. I'm repeating it for the third time. The future tense is not used in clauses of time and condition.8. P: _____________________________________________________________________ T: Do you really think this is a good excuse? You have always been a sound sleeper. You should give up the habit of sleeping long hours in the morning.9. P: _____________________________________________________________________ T: Yes, please. Do you know where they keep chalk? It's downstairs, room 3.10. P: ____________________________________________________________________ T: Oh, dear, oh, dear. Will an aspirin help? But in my opinion the best may is to consult a doctor.11. P: ____________________________________________________________________ T: Abslutely. Both ways are correct. You can say "Put on your coat" as well as "Put your coat on".12. P: ____________________________________________________________________ T: If you are through with the translation, start reading the text "Education in Australia".13. P: _____________________________________________________________________ T: No, you are supposed to do it in class.14. P: _____________________________________________________________________ T: I think you can if it is really absolutely necessary to have your Maths class so short.15. P: _____________________________________________________________________ T: Change your seat then. Sitting at the front desk you'll be able to see the blackboard very well indeed.

_______________-это куда нужно вставить


Ответы и объяснения

1. P: ___Should I go to the blackboard?
2. P: May I turn on the light?
3. P: Is there another phrase for "to take an exam'?
.4. P: Is there double p in the word Mississippi?     
5. P: Is it a mistake if I say "May I open the window?"
6. P: May I read later, please?
7. P: Could you repeat the sentence, please?
8. P: Sorry, I'm late, may I come in?
9. P: Should I go for chalk?
10. P: I have a headache. 
11. P: Is  "Put on your coat" correct?
12. P: What is the next task?
13. P: May I do it at home?
14. P: Can I leave Maths after half of the lesson, please?
15. P: I can't see anything on the blackboard!