Упр. 288. Употребите следующие предложения как придаточные
дополнительные, в роли главных используя предложения, данные к скобках.
Сдвигайте времена в соответствии г правилом согласования времен.
1. The children are playing in the yard. (She thought) 2. Her friend
will come to see her. (She hoped) 3. Father has repaired his bicycle.
(He thought) 4. She knows English very well. (I sup posed) 5, Our
sportsmen will win the game. (We were sure) 6. She made no mistakes in
her dicta tion. (She was glad) 7. He works at his English hard. (I knew)
8. She dances better than anybody else, (I was told) 9. My cousin has
received a very interesting offer from his firm. (I learnt) 10. She will
come to stay with us. (My aunt wrote in her letter) 11. He is painting a
new picture. (We heard) 12. His new picture will be a masterpiece. (We
were sure) 13. You will fall and break your leg. (I was afraid) 14. My
friend has never been to Wash­ington. (I knew) 15. She never drinks
milk. (I was told) 16. He is a very talented singer. (We were told) 17.
They live a happy life. (We knew) 18. He does not know German at all. (I
found out)


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1. She said that the children were playing in the yard.
2. She hoped that her friend would come to see her.
3. He thought that father had repaired his bicycle.
4. I supposed that she knew English very well.
We were sure that our sportsmen ouldl win the game. 
6. She was glad that she had made no mistakes in her dictation.
7.I knew that he worked at his English hard.
8. I was told that  she danced better than anybody else.
9. I learnt that  my cousin had received a very interesting offer from his firm. 
My aunt wrote in her letter that she would come to stay with us. 
11. We heard that he was painting a new picture. 
12. We were sure that his new picture would be a masterpiece.
13. I was afraid that you would fall and break your leg.
14. I knew that my friend had never been to Wash­ington.
15. I was told that she never drank milk.
We were told that he was a very talented singer.
17. We knew that they lived a happy life. 
I found out he did not know German at all.