Поставьте глаголы в скобках в правильном времени

a. Emma _____(spend) every school holiday in Scotland.

b. Why are youunder the table? ______ you ______(look) for something?

c. In my country we ___ (not have) lessons on Saturday.

d. My wife ___ (not like) football, but I ____ (love) it.

e. I ______ (buy) a new pair of shoes yesterday. ______ you _____(like) them?

f. Ian Flemming ____ (work) as a stockbroker when yhe Second World War ___(start).

g. Margraretha Simons ____(come) from Norway, but now she _______ (live) in Britain. She ____(meet) her husband, Noel, while she ___(learn) English in Cambridge.


Ответы и объяснения



c.don`t have

d.doen`t like      love

e.bought           do you like

f.works           незнаю

g. came   living   meat      learned(в learned не уверен)

Лучший Ответ!

1. spends.

2. are you looking

3. don't have

4.doesn't like, I love

5. was working, started

6. has come, is living, met, was learning .