Complete the
sentences. (past simple)
4) I did go not
to work on Tuesday. 5) Where ...... your parents (to go) for their
Complete the
sentences. (future simple)

1) In two
days the new year will go. 2) Tom … (to go) to the party. 3)
Probably it … (to rain) tomorrow. 4) I … not (to come) to see
you. 5) … you (to phone) me tomorrow?


Ответы и объяснения

4) I didn`t go to work on Tuesday.
5)Where did your parents go for their holidays?

1)The new year will go in two days.
2)Tom is going to the party
4)I will not come to see you
5)Will you phone me tommorrow?
4)I did not go  work on Tuesday .5) Where did your parents  go for their holidays? (past simple)? 
 1) The new year will go in two days.. 2) Tom is going  to the party. 3)
Probably it will rain tomorrow. 4) I will not  come to see
you. 5) Will you  phone  me tomorrow?