Fill in the gaps with the correct verb forms and adverbs. Match the sentences with the rules. Have you watered the flowers vet? (water/already/yet) 1. We _____________graffiti from all the houses in our street. (wash off/just)________ 2. My Dad is happy. I _________ to rake the leaves in the garden. (help) __________ 3. I _________five excellent marks at school__________. (get/today/just)___________ 4. I can go to the cinema now. I _________ the poem. (learn/already/yet)___________ 5. My brother ___________ tennis____________ 2 o’clock. (play/since/for)_____________ 6. I __________the violin_________two hours. (play/since/for)___________


Ответы и объяснения


1. We just washed off graffiti from all the houses in our street

2. I helped to rake the leaves in the garden

3. I had get today five excellent marks at school

4. I have already learnt the poem

5. My brother playing tennis since 2'o clock.

6. have been playing the violin for two hours