Помогите перевести 10 упражнение на английский язык (не через переводчик)

а что это за учебник
Шахнозарова "Английский для всех""

Ответы и объяснения

1) Nikolai Stepanovich has a large family . He has a wife and three children. His wife Olga is a teacher of mathematics. His daughter Zoe is 18 years old . She is a second year student of Moscow State University . His son Oleg has 11 years, and Boris is 14 years old. They learn in school.Today is Saturday. Nine o'clock in the morning . Olga and Nicholas sit at the table. They have breakfast , now they drink coffee.Stepanov have a four-room apartment . The apartment has three bedrooms and the living room.By Stepanov tonight come visit. Olga's brother and sister going to visit them.
2) My brother has a dog. He has good dog.
3) Whose car is this? - It's Mr. Smith's car
4) Stepanova Olga's friends are teachers. Boris Petrov, a teacher, too. He teaches English. Boris loves the English language.
5) Does he have friends in Kiev?
6) Do you have some thick notebooks? No, I have not. I have a few thin notebooks.
7) Whose are that newspapers? - This is my brother's newspapers.
8) John are studying at school or university? - He is a student at Oxford University.
9) Do you have Brodov's children ? - No, I do not have.
10) I have no a sister, I have a brother.
11) How many English books has he? -He has 15 books.

Как-то так.
Поправочка: 2) My brother has a dog. He has а good dog.