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Work in groups. Take turns to read an opinion, respond and add information.
1.If the children have no sisters or brothers, they are lonely in the family


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Why the children without sisters or brothers are lonely in the family? It's simple. I can explain it by my story. Here it is.  When I was 15 years old and I went to shit my dad all the time , as it were accidentally push spun around and kept asking what you've calmed down , why did not you hear ? The first time I did not answer, so he began pounding on the door and yelling , what are you so silent , what's wrong ? began to swear and say that in general remove the door from its hinges , also , Dad swore if I shit and do not wash off , and not just in the end crappy , but directly after shitting poop , motivated by the fact that it stinks , and he then said to me : so I shitlet and wash off , and you do so ! One day I sat down to shit , and I hear , Dad stood at the door somewhere in the distance , so I wiped my ass , and sat down on the floor on karachkas , and then the gap is very wide at the bottom of the door , so I 'm looking into the slot, and there Dad on karachkas sits and stares into the slot , and said to me: you're human ? fucker ? Th are you doing there ? Dad by the way all the time, some herbs drinks to often to shit , shit on 5 times a day, and then says that the ass is burning , and he even farts .  fucking short !
the real story . I do not troll