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Favorite place in the world for me - it's probably my grandmother's apartment . I like most of all there is to wake up. The grandmother lives on the 13th floor , so the morning mist outside the window , freshness. And, in general , the window opens there is always beauty . In summer and spring - is the wave of green , the trees , green lawns, woods. Autumn foliage is replaced by ocher , crimson , bright yellow of birches. Winter range of pure white snow, and his background elegant , light-colored walls of modern buildings . It's so different from the boring , gray streets in the center where I live. There feels squeezed houses, cars. And here, my grandmother , too, the city, but spacious , clean. Fresh air, silence .
I have been there ever a good mood. Grandma I 'm on weekends or during the holidays , about once a month. And it's always like a holiday . Next to a cinema, near the forest ( there we go in the summer) . And in the house of my grandmother always festive , fun. Maybe because I have time to grow out of books, toys , furnishings . And everything here for me every time. And my grandmother always nice that it came from. It is a wonderful cook, and sometimes bakes delicious , delicious pies . And then spreads throughout the apartment special flavor of fresh bread. One of the odor becomes fun . And how beautiful evening outside the window - Hundreds of fires in homes and in the sky twinkling stars. Especially beautiful is the days fireworks .
From the window of our house on Prospect Mira did not see anything - only the gray wall of the house opposite . And here - the whole of Moscow at a glance . Immediately 8 salutes scatter their multi-colored lights .
I love being with my grandmother , I love this apartment. Maybe also because I grew up here . This brought me to a little boy , here I learned to distinguish between objects, people , took his first steps . This for me is a family home .