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в Passive Voice.
One of the earliest systems of law of which we have
knowledge is the collection of laws, known as the Code of Hammurabi, the
Babylonian king, which was carved in stone about 1900 B.C., and which can be seen in
the British Museum in London. Another early
code is the code of Hebrew law, contained in the Book of Exodus in the

Greece each city state had its own law. Some laws were common to many states, such
as the laws relating to family life. In the seventh century B.C. the Greeks
began to put their laws into writing. About 594 B.C. Solon, the famous Athenian lawgiver, provided a new codeof law. The
Athenians did not consider it necessary to have legal experts for non -
criminal cases. In a civil case the verdict was given by a jury, which might
number anything from 201 to 2,500. The members of the jury listened to speeches
made by the persons who had brought the case before them, and by their friends.
Barristers were not allowed, speeches were sometimes prepared by professional
speech - writers.


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was carved - Past Simple Passive
can be seen - Passive Voice with a modal verb
was given - Past Simple Passive
were not allowed - Past Simple Passive
were prepared - Past Simple Passive