Помогите написать письмо другу, чтобы он приехал ко мне жить по обмену

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Hello, my name is ZAGADKA404. I am from Moscow, Russia. I spent the last nine months in the United States of America as an international exchange student. If you are interested in being an exchange student soon in the future, here are some of my stories which you may also experience in this exciting program. They were big decisions for both my family and my host family to join this program. We "SKYPE" from the internet before I arrived in the U.S. That way we can see each other and have a talk. I remember I could not leave my translator alone while we were talking at first. Now when we skype my parents I feel much better translating. I think that was a great idea to skype before you come to the country, so you won't feel too nervous to stay with the people you never know before. Also, it is so much fun to talk with people from different culture backgrounds. My host family was my first impression of the U.S. And they are very nice. I am honored to be a "member" of this family. They treat me as their own child and help me in many ways. At first, to help me adjust using English, we played a lot of simple card games. It is a wonderful way to learn everyday English and local culture. Besides, it is also a great family bonding time. I enjoyed it a lot. I have a seven-year-old host sister. Life never be boring around her. She always dancing, singing and telling you stories which were made up by her. My host family is living in the state of Texas. People here are famous of warm-hearted and hospitality. They are very proud of their own state. This summer my host family will spend two weeks traveling in Russia with my family. We are all excited about this trip. We all believe that it will be an unforgettable and meaningful trip. I think my biggest harvest in this program is I find another family who love me on the other side of the earth. And I love them with all my heart just like I love my own family. American high school is another place where I spent most of my time. The system here is very different from where I come from. Before, I stayed in a same classroom with a same group of classmates. Here, I have to go to different classrooms with different people. I always got lost at the beginning of the semester. That was interesting though and I will always remember those funny stories of me finding classrooms. My host family helped me chose my classes. My favorite class is Art. I had a wonderful time study in that class. My host mom is a very talented artist even though she never studied how to painting. She introduced me into this whole world of art. I didn't know I can actually paint or do art works before. With my host mom and my art teacher's help, I won a medal with my first painting ever. We sat together at lunch and had so many interesting conversations. I still feel sad when I think of my teachers and friends in my American high school. But I'm sure we will keep in touch. They helped me so much when I first arrived here and didn't speak English very well. They had been very patient and nice to me. They are my great treasure and I will keep them in my heart forever. However, people who want to join this exciting exchange program should be prepared to meet difficulties. It is common to be nervous because you are going to spent almost ten months in a completely different country and speak another language. It may be hard at first when you are adjusting the culture and language. But you have so many friends and family to help go through it. And I always believe that I will be stronger after the difficult things I experienced. I remembered my teacher told me that I should always have a positive mental attitude. I got a chance to learn English in an English speaking country; I learned the idea and pride of being a free American; I learned how much you can do to fulfill your dreams and set yourself free. I'm so grateful of my host family, my own family and this wonderful exchange program. I will never forget this special and meaningful school year. I enjoyed and loved this awesome experience. Dear friends, if you are interested in learning another culture and language, please don't hesitate. You will definitely have a wonderful experience with many adorable and friendly people and have fun learning different cultures! That is the way to spend your most colorful ages in your lives! Try new things and go adventures! Thank you!