Помогите составить рассказ на английском о странном сне,по плану,который есть на фото
(от 120 слов или как получится)


Ответы и объяснения

In one day with me happend strange case.It was in summer.It about my dream.
Was hot summer. I was in the garden. I went in the arbor. I close my eyes and asleep.
When I open eyes I see an other world. On the sky was many unicorns. And they fly!Was rainbow! On the see was many difrend fishes! It was cool! I got up  and go to the tree. On it was many apples and bananas! I climbed on the tree. I took one apple and one banana and started get down. I seat on the grass and eat apple. I fealt that is strange apple. And I saw- I am growing! I was so big! I saw all world! But I decide to try banana. And  I has become litlle. And I close eyes. I woke up in the arbor. I understend- It was a dream.
The next morning in home I was one. I very wanted eat. I saw on the table apples. But  after dream I don't like apples and bananas. After breakfast I was standing near window and watched on sky. I see on It many unicors in my sleep. But on It never was no one.
After this story I understand- my fantasi is very big!