Какое у вас хобби?
компьютерные игры
Какой уровень английского языка вы изучаете?
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Подождите 10 минут.

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Например, вот так

My hobby is PC gaming. I've been doing it for quite some time, and I really enjoy playing computer games. It's always fun, and the graphics are often very realistic and the sound effects and music, too. I spend several hours a day, though I know it's not good for my health. Sometimes I even forget to do my homework due to the excessive gaming. So I'm asking for help online. My mother tells me that I should exercise more rather than play PC games. But I still like it very much. Sometimes I play games in English, and it helps me with my English classes, too.

сложнова-то для 5-го класса... или-сойдет?
спасибо но я уже составил
My name is Mark. I’m eleven years old. Everybody must have an ardour for something or an activity he likes to do in a free time. My hobby is collecting stamps. In the childhood my father collected stamps too. I liked his collection very much and I decided to carry on the tradition. My father helped me to begin collecting stamps. He had several repeated stamps and he gave me them. Also my grandmother found several old envelopes and gave m
а лаги
Про марки с точки зрения языка не придерёшься. Остальное уже не важно.