Замените формы глаголов Perfect Active формами глаголов Perfect Passive
1. They have just found an interesting book.
2. Ann will have writ­ten a new article by Monday.
3. Nelly had already invited us.
4. She has just made tea for all of us.
5. He has never told the truth.
6. Pete has not bought a new pair of trousers yet.
7.I have met the postman re­cently.
8. Nick has already shut the door.
9. Have you graduated from the university?
10. Have you finished the article?


Ответы и объяснения

1.An interesting book has just been found by them.
2.A new article will have been written by Ann by Monday.
3.We had been already invited by Nelly.
4.Tea has just been made for all of us by her.
5.The truth has been never told by him.
8.The door has already been shut by Nick.
9.тут никак не переделать...если только Have you been graduated from the university?
10.Has the article already been finished?