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со слвами in the middle of, next to , under , behind , between , on , above ,in the left , in the right corner .


Ответы и объяснения

In my living room in the middle is a large round table. Next to the table is two comfortable armchairs. Under the TV is a vase with flowers - lilies.Behind the sofa that stands between two chairs dusts old crockery. In the corner is a parvo two chairs, and a little big lamp hanging above.I like to sit on a comfortable chair, looking phones
как-то так но некоторые слова заменены синонимами
My living room is cosy and big.i like to spend a lot of time there.ther is a red carpet in the middle of the room.next to the door ther is a nice TV-set,where i like to spend my free time.there is a leather sofa under the woolen shelf.