Ребят помогите пожалуйста, англиский 10 класс:
нужно написать эмэйл письмо другу по всем правилам (в вопросом как дела ,здоровье и т.д.)


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Привет дорогой друг.
Как у тебя дела, как здоровье?
Что происходит в твоей жизни?
Что нового, как твои родители?
Мне интересно всё!
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Hello dear friend.How do you have cases like health?What happens in your life?What's new, like your parents?I am interested in everything!Waiting for an answer.
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Hello, Tony!

How are you? We haven't talked for a long time, so there are some things to catch up.
First, I've bought myself a new camera, and it's amazing! Please check out my recent pictures I've posted on Instagram. Also, my grandmother is staying with us for a while, so we allocated a guest bedroom for her. Sometimes she screams in her sleep, and this is disturbing. Other then that I'm doing fine, Dave is a really cool guy, we've been going out for some time now.

What about you? Did you have something worth mentioning since we last met? Please le me know.