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Упражнение номер 7 B!пожалуйстааа


Ответы и объяснения

A) I phoned Mr. Williams to find out if Pat (had gone) away. He was not sure. b) Wait, I'll go and see if she (has gone) out. 2. a) Look at this house. I (have lived) here for 12 years and I am moving to another one next week, b) I (had lived) in a small cottage for 12 years before my family moved to town. Jack (has played) tennis three times this week. He said he (hadn't played) tennis a week before. 4. Alan (has seen) a lot of Alexandra recently. 5. I (have often wondered) how he earns his living. 6. She told me she (had worked) in England before. 7. When I arrived at the country house I realized I (had lost) the keys. 8. "HAS John (telephoned) yet?" she asked entering the house, but her brother said he didn't know if John (had telephoned).