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1. Выберите правильную форму глагола для предложений:
1. She ____________ to London every Monday.    b) goes                                      
2. Please stop the noise. You ____________ those drums for two hours.     a) ‘ve played                        
3. She ____________ more than twenty books before she died.    a) has written        4. David ____________ John when he was travelling to London.           c) saw
5. The rich man ____________ his portrait by a famous artist.     a) had / painted      
6. I can’t tell you about their new house because I ____ it     a) ‘ve never seen          7. I ____________ in a small flat before I got married.  a) used to live                         8. Before I got married I ____every evening with my friends at the pub.    a) have spent 9. Hamlet ____________ by William Shakespeare.       c) was written
10. The tests ____________ by the teacher.   c) were marked

2. Дополните предложения правильной формой слова в скобках:

1 My leg was so bad I was  able   to complete the journey. (ABLE)
2 She had three successful  years as an oboe player. (SUCCESS)

3 There was a lot of sadness after the old Queen died. (SAD)
4 I need to see your passport or some other form of identities. (IDENTITY)
5 Xavier did a wonderful translation  of an old French poem. (TRANSLATE)
6 Where is your injure? On your left leg or your right? (INJURE)
7 The body in the snow was completely freezing (FREEZE)
8 Used cars might be quite old and not very expensive (EXPENSE)
9 I can’t play the piano at all but my brother plays very well. (GOOD)
10 My test results were bad but his results were even worse. (BAD)