Ответы и объяснения

1)Where is Your Friend?-He is playing tennis.2)Does he well play tennis?-No,he doesn't.
3)I don't know person who is talking with principal.4)I always talk with my friend about our trip to Caucasus.5)companion is singing very well.6)Listen,companion is singing in the next room. 7)He isn't seeing that i am lookind at him so he is reading something very attentively.8)Call him now,i am thinking he have slept yet.9)Look at the person who is sitting next to window.It is out teacher.10)My wife is reading very interesting book.I want to read it too.11)He reads english books withut vocabulary.12)I see him seldom becase he is very buisy now.13)Students always very buisy in May and June, because they are preparing for exams.14)So now he comes here very seldom bacause he works on his inventions.15)He works in the library every day