Напишите 5 утвердительных, 5 отрицательных и 5 вопросительных предложений с ответами


Ответы и объяснения

My brother likes to play football. My brother dosn't like to play football. Does my brother like to play football?

Ann usually gets up at 7 o'clock. Ann doesn't usually get up at 7 o'clock. Does Ann usually get up at 7 o'clock?

My father speaks two foreign languages. My father doesn't speak two foreign languages. Does my father speak two foreign languages?

You work at school. You don't work at school. Do you work at school?

They want to visit their grandparents. They don't want to visit their grandparents. Do they want to visit their grandparents?
I will go to school. I won't go school. Will you go to school? No ,I won't
She is doing shopping now . She isnot doing shopping now. Is she doing shopping now?Yes she is
We usually have dinner at home. We usually do not have dinner at home. Do we usually have dinner at home ? Yes we do.
He had a good time last Monday. He did not have a good time last Monday. Did he have a good time last Monday? No he did not.
I will buy a car next year . I will not buy a car next year. Will you buy a car next year? Yes I will.