Пожалуйста помогите проблемы города на английском языке срочно, например мы виливаем химикаты в речки и озёра ,загрязням воздух...

очень вас прошу , умоляю пож-та побыстрее...)))спеасибо!!!
Вам как длиннее или покороче??
длиннее спасибо
с вас лучшее решение

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                           Ecological problems of the city and our world.
we live in a very fragile environment. Some people live in the city, and some in the countryside. nowadays people understand how important it is to solve the environmental problems. The most serious problems are:
-noise from cars
-destruction of wildlife
- pollutions in its many forms
Now i want to tell you about water pollution. it is very serious for people. There is no ocean or a sea which is not used for a dump. The Pacific Ocean especially has suffered from the dumping because french government tests nucklear weapons there. Britain alone dumps about 250,000 tons of industrial waste. The poison in the waste can be dangerous and kill fish, or sea animals. nuclear-poisened fish can be eaten by people, and this is horrible! Also what is interesting factories and plants use only clean water from lakes and rivers, and after the water is used it goes back to seas, but greasy and poisened...
another big problem is air pollution. once when Americans decided to clean up the Statue of liberty, first thing the had to do is to make a hole in her nose, to take away the acid rain that has collected inside. Once it was the acid rain cause the polluted air of new yourk mixed with the rain and caused acid rain and it damaged the Statue badly.
if we go on like this, soon the earth would be polluted and we wouldn't be able to live on it. To make air and water clean again we need good filter on plants, factories, buses, cars, and nuclear power stations. but if we don't want it could die, would we keep on?