Можно пожалуйста небеольшое сочинение на английском язіке на тему "Путишествиея на машине"


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Нам с родителями очень нравится путешествовать на машине, это очень интересно и увлекательно. Проезжая между городами, можно увидить разную погоду, разные народы и конечно же разную природу. Проезжая в Сибири можно увидеть много разных деревьев. Березы,Ель,Пихта,Сосна,Кедр,Клен и многие другие. Проезжая возле Алтая можно увидеть самое глубокое озеро Байкал. Очень красивые горы. Мне очень нравится путешествовать на машине, это очень круто!
We with parents very much like to travel by car, it is very interesting and fascinating. Passable between the cities, it is possible to see the different weather, the different people and certainly the different nature. Passable in Siberia it is possible to see many different trees. Birches, Fir-tree, Fir, Pine, Cedar, Maple and many others. Passable near Altai it is possible to see the deepest Lake Baikal. Very beautiful mountains. I very much like to travel by car.

Travelling by Car  There is nothing better than travelling by a fast car. Travel by car is a more personal experience, for there you can drive yourself.You just sit down at the steering wheel, start the motor, step on the accelerator with your foot and off goes the car. You can go as slowly or as fast as you wish, stop when and where you choose; you park the car on the side of the road, get out and go wherever you like.It is quite true that driving a car has some disadvantages. In town it is rather a nuisance with all those traffic «jams» or «hold - ups», round-abouts, detours and so on. It is not pleasant at all when you ride on a bumpy road or get a flat tyre, or still worse, when you get stuck in the mud.But what can be better than a spin in a car on a week-end with your friend? As soon as you get out of the crowded town and see a long wide road in full view, what a thrill it is to feel the car rush forward at a touch of your foot, to feel the wind in your face, to see houses, trees find people flash past, to feel the real joy of speed.Then, of course, you see much more of the country than you do in a plane.Suppose you are on vacation and have decided to take a trip in a car. What magnificent views you behold on your way — green fields, a road winding its way up the mountain with steep, grey cliffs on one side and a deep precipice on the other, a shining expanse of the sea wrapped in a blue noonday haze, the woods, the rows of acacia that stretch along the streets of the towns you pass through. Indeed your impressions are unforgettable.