Проверьте письмо пожалуйста :)))

Dear Helen,
Thank you for your letter. It was great to hear from you!
You asked me to tell you about concert in my town. "Green day" was appeared last summer in Moscow. Bill Jo, Mike Dernt and John Kyla was took part in the concert. Concert was in the Olympic stage. This day the weather was sunny and warm. My friends and I were waiting this concert for a long time. We went to the concert and have enjoyed. I liked everything there: sunny weather, different competition and remarkable music. I'm so glad that I went to the concert. I like Green Day!!! My favorite song are Nimrod and Dookie.
Best wishes,

да все правильно только там где this day the weather там наверное не this day а будет on/at this day))

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Хорошее сочинение :) Помоему всё верно. )
Думаю, все правильно)
Особенно Green Day :) Я тоже слушаю(ал) его :)