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The acting as the rector of Academy of the Russian ballet of a name of Agrippina Vaganova, the national actor of Russia Nikolay Tsiskaridze met on Wednesday the vice governor of St. Petersburg Vasily Kichedzhi, having listened from it to wishes of good luck and having told about the plans on a new post, transfers ITAR-TASS.

Let's note that Tsiskaridze's appointment and departure of the former director of academy are accompanied by very sharp negative estimates from known dancers and ballet teachers.

"Your merits before the Russian ballet are indisputable, and we hope that your professional experience will be interesting and useful to your new colleagues and pupils, will help you to create with Academy the good working atmosphere, to provide stability of educational process", - the vice governor declared at a meeting.

He promised to render assistance in granting places in city hostels for students of pedagogical faculty of Academy of the Russian ballet.

With Tsiskaridze I intend to deal on a new post not only organizational and financial issues, but also to define art policy of the well-known educational institution. The known dancer reported that the main goal sees in preservation of legendary Petersburg ballet school, its choreographic culture and assumes to pay much attention to professional education, and also the state educational standards and general education disciplines.

Nikolay Tsiskaridze on Monday, October 28 was presented to collective in a new position by Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation Vladimir Medinskim. Since Tuesday the well-known dancer started execution of the new duties. The former rector of Academy Vera Dorofeyev who has given to this educational institution of 28 years, is invited to a position of the deputy director general of Mikhaylovsky theater.

Let's remind, Tsiskaridze's appointment is from the very beginning accompanied by comments saddening a situation both Vaganovka's leaving guide, and the well-known dancers of the Maryinsky Theater.

So, the prima ballerina of Mariinsky theater Diana Vishneva declared that is revolted with impudence with which replaced the academy management which graduate she is. "The powerful reasons for replacement of the management weren't as there was no discussion also with anybody from leaders of the ballet environment of Petersburg. In any case the person who has education necessary for this purpose has to be the rector of Vaganova academy. Also it is impossible to forget that the school is first of all children, and her head has to be morally faultless. There is a strong wish to believe that it not the end of great school", - was told by her.

The ex-director of academy of Dorofeyev on Tsiskaridze's representation openly declared to staff of academy that its leaving - a condition of refusal of the ambitious project of the head of the Maryinsky Theater of Valery Gergiev on association of Academy of the ballet and conservatory with theater.

Minister of Culture Vladimir Medinsky tried to smooth a situation, having told that Dorofeyev herself asked on pension, her contract already came to an end, and Tsiskaridze which lost work in the Bolshoi theater, could leave Russia, besides it was necessary "to close a subject with association which was strongly personified". However it became clear that the contract at Dorofeeva came to an end only in 2016, and she noted that "to retire rather early".

The director of Mikhaylovsky theater Vladimir Kekhman also connected change of the guide of Vaganovka with Gergiev's plans: "The Ministry of Culture made the decision because there is allegedly an opinion of one our known art director dissatisfied with what ballet shots arrive to it in theater. OK: Nikolay Maksimovich will prepare new shots, now we will look. He so many time said that he wants to be a head, now let's look as it will occur".