Ex. 8. Use the Present Indefinite or Continuous.</ 1.1 can tellEx. 8. Use the Present Indefinite or Continuous.
</ 1.1 can tell you that generally he (to sing) very well, but I think the song which he (to sing) now is just not for his voice. 2. Your younger son usually (do) much reading ? - Oh, yes, he (to read) a lot. As far as I know, he now (to read) a collection of fairy-tales. Unfortunately, my children (not to read) as often as I would like them to. 3. What is it you (to play) now? Something familiai. - Oh, just some popular song, I (not to remember) its name. You see, I (to try) to play this song from memory. And I (not to play) the piano often-nowadays. 4. 'When we (to say) 'translator',-and when
rpreter'? ' 'Well, a translatoi is a person who (to make) written slations, while an interpreter usually (to translate) some speech fally. while somebody (to speak). 5. I now (to translate) a very f»nny story; I myself often (to laugh) while I (to work) on it. 6. As L as I (to know), a composer is someone who (to creat) music; but at (to do) a compositor? - That's a person who (to print) texts in printing shop. 7. Are all the documents ready yet? - Almost. The rctary (to type) the final copy now. 8. Where your son usually .0 have) dinner? - At weekends he (to have) dinner at home, with e family, and on weekdays he (to go) to a cafeteria near his |ollege^>


Ответы и объяснения

1. sings, is singing
2.does your younger son usully much..., reads, he is reading now.., dont read
3.you are playing now,  dont remember, i am trying, dont play
4.when are we saying...,makes, translates, is speaking
5.now im translating, laugh, am working
6.know, treats, but what does a compositor, prints
7.is typing
8.where does your son usually have dinner,has, goes