..guess what! my parents say i can have a pet for my birthday. Isn`t that Fantastic?I`m not sure what kind of pet to get, though. Have you got a pet? What do you think i should get? Do you think dogs are too much trouble to look after? Maybe i should get a cat, or hamster. Let me know what you think! Помогите пожалуйста написать ответ!)


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Oh really? That's great! I would recommend getting a parrot, unless you are ellergic to them. No, i donmt have a pet which is sad. I always wanted someone to look after. Definately dogs cause alot of trouble. If you are a busy man, you will simply have no time to look after him. Therefore i wouldn't recommend getting a dog. As i previously said, parrots would be great! They stay in the cage and u just need to fill in the food and water inside the cage barely once in a day. So, it is your choice what to to choose but i therefore give you these recomendations.