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1. Museums organize sieepovers, at Halloween time.
2. We come late in the evening, play games, make costumes and masks
3. Then the real fun begins: witchts, ghosts and monsters come and play with us!
4. We come to a big dark room and they tell us scary stories.
5. We go to sleep very late and we sleep in our sleepiing bags.
6. In the morning we wake up and see dinosaurs next to us
1.at Halloween time. ПОМОГИТЕ ПОЖАЛУЙСТА
2.play games, make costumes and masks
3. witchts, ghosts and monsters
4.scary stories.
5. very late


Ответы и объяснения

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1. When do museums organize sieepovers?
2. What dod we do in the evening?
3. Who comes and plays with us?
4. What kind of stories do they tell us?
5. When do we go to sleep?
6. What do we see next to us when we wake up in the morning?