Употребите нужное местоимение (myself,itself,herself,yourself,themselves,yourselves)
1)Do you ever talk to ... 2)They want to do it ... 3)She washed .. 4)Will you answer the letter .. 5)I looked at ... in the mirror. 6) We shall tell her.. 7) They have done the task .. 8)She does not like speak about ... 9) The story .. is very good,but not the translation. 10)Children,do it ... 11)I shall ask him .... .
Замените выделенные слова личными местоимениями.
1)The teacher helped the pupils to translate the text.
2)Mother asked Mary to wash the plates.
3)My friends writes a letter to his sister 4)Jane took there books from Jim 5)His cousins live in Moscow 6)Their grandfather and grandmother will come tomorow
7) Mary works in a shop.


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1) yourself
2) themselves
3) herself
4) yourself
5) myself
6) должно быть ourselves
7) themselves
8) herself
9) itself
10) yourselves
11) myself

1) She, them
2) She , her
3) they, it, her
4) she, them, him
5) He, there
6) they
7) she , или here или there