Составьте предложения из данных слов. Помните о порядке слов в предложениях!
1. Draw/ the/ did/ a picture/ not/ of/ yesterday/ Moscow/ boy.
2. Morning/ you/ time/ get up/ what/ in/ the/ did.
3. Do/ what/ Sunday/ you/ last/ did.
4. Lived/ in/ last/ we/ the/ summer/ country.
5. Did/ summer/ go/ where/ last/ you?
6. Him/ saw/ yesterday/ I.
7. Had/ a minute/ I/ ago/ breakfast.
8. Visit/ you/ art gallery/ when/ did.
9. The/ read/ last/ I/ book/ summer.


Ответы и объяснения

3. What did you do in Sunday;
4. We lived in country last summer;
5. Where did you go last summer;
6. I saw him yesterday;
7. I had breakfast a minute ago;
8. When did you visit art gallery;
9. I read the book last summer.
1 и 2 никак не могла решить, простите :(
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The boy didn't(=did not) a picture of Moscow. What time did you get up in the morning? What did you do on last Sunday? Last summer we lived in the country. Where did you go last summer? I saw him yesterday. I had a breakfast one minute ago. When did you go to the art gallery? Last summer I read the book?