Напишите пожалуйста сочинение на тему"Мое любимое животное"


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To have a pet at home is a very good thing. And it is not important what pet you have. You may have a dog, a cat, a hamster, a parrot or a fish. The most popular pets are cats and dogs.

A cat is good for a small flat, and if you live in a big flat or a house you can keep a dog. It’s much simpler to have a cat because you don’t have to walk a cat every day.

Dogs are best friends of people. These animals are very clever and understand you very well. But you must remember that keeping a dog in a flat is not that easy. You need to walk it two or three times a day. So, you have to get up earlier in the morning and it also takes time to feed the dog. Dogs are hairy animals and they have a specific smell. Nevertheless, dogs are wonderful animals. I love dogs.

People usually keep hamsters, rats, mice and rabbits. These animals are rather easy to look after. These animals are funny, but all they do is eating.


My favorite animal - a cat. From childhood I wanted to have a cat. And finally, my dream has come true - I came home Siamese cat Kuzma. In Kuzi light brown muzzle, dark ears, paws and a long striped tail, a flexible elongated body, large round head on the muzzle bristly mustache, beard and bright blue eyes. Eye color changes when he is angry or threatening, and the pupils are then red, then green. The ears of a cat is always on the alert, they catch the slightest whisper.
Kuzma - animal capricious. If he has a good mood, he plays a stroke allows, permits other animals to eat from his bowl, but if he has a bad mood, he warns about this kind of meow, then it is better not to touch. Kuzma serious fighting cat. When we were in the village, he fought with all the cats. The first in a fight he does not enter. At first he seemed to be warning: nasty howling voice. Nearly one hundred and eighty degrees turn neck hair stand on end he stands, and the tail "turns" in the dissolved bristly brush. Sorry for the opponent does not have. He beats up until the enemy did not take flight. Kuzma - a very smart cat. He learned how to open paws refrigerator cabinet doors. If the front door is not closed on the lock, it will hang on to the handle until the door opens. Kuzma likes to watch TV, to hunt for lizards, frogs and birds. And yet he is very good cat and loves his master. I really like our cat.