Выбирете вариант с правильной формой (Present Indefinite / Present Continuous

1) My tortoise … in the box under the chair.
a) livesb) is living
2) The horse … nice green grass now.
a) eats
b)is eating

3) What is this? Who … leaves from the tree?
a) eats
b) is eating

4) I … the right food.a) eat
b) am eating

5) Now he … about his friends.
a) thinks
b) is thinking

6) We … in class now.
a) writeb) are writing

7) They … black trousers and white shirts at school.
a) wear
b) are wearing

8) She is at home. She … about the house.
a) helps
b) is helping

9)My granny … me these jeans as a birthday present.
a) gives
b) is giving

10) Hush! My grandparents … .
a) sleep
b) are sleeping


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