нужно написать дать ответ

can the boy swim? yes

was the water cold? No

Is it raning? Yes

Are you fat? No

Has he got a frend? Yes

Must frogs jump?No

Was there a dog in the room? Yes

Have parents got car?No

Did cats drink? Yes

Is a school big?No

are there books on the table? Yes

Would you like a cake? No

Are pens red? Yes

Is a pen green? No

Will you play? Yes

Do you go to school? No

Does she drink? yes

Is there a table in the flat? No

Are you clever? Yes


Ответы и объяснения

1 Yes he can
2 No she was not
3 Yes he got
4 No they does not
5 Yes there was
6 No they have not
7 Yes they did
8 No it is not
9 Yes they are
10 No i do not
11 Yes they are
12 No it is not
13 Yes i do
14 No i do not
15 Yes she does
16 No it is not
17 Yes i are not