1.What Ukrainian and foreign classics have you read?
2.What books have you read in English?
3.Can you name a book which you read from the very beginning to the end without putting it down?
4.What do you like in your favourite book characters?
5.What can we learn from different kinds of books?


Ответы и объяснения

1. Oles Gonchar - Олесь Гончар.
2. Little Woman, Persuasion, Huckulberry Finn.
3. Yes, of course, I can do it. but sometimes the day is to short for one book and you just have to go and to eat something.
4. I like their personalities, their views of life and stories; their expectations of the nearest future and relationships.
5. I can learn the most important rules and methods of life; thake the expirience from the book, from the character.
Было бы приятно увидеть благодарность. 
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