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The media, that giant intimidating creation has taken the stereotypes of teens, the way people view teens, and the way we view ourselves, and has turned it into a delusional monster. The media at this point in time portrays teenagers as generally bad. Well to be honest, not generally bad, but mostly horrible. We are seen as the cause for alarm and trouble in society. The media portrays us as manic delinquents with no solid past and no concrete future.

The main points of teenagers that are warped into a lie are appearance and generalization of actions. The media spreads the idea that just because some teens choose to get more piercing done, or a tattoo, or decide to get a different hair color that it is somehow related to a dysfunctional sector of society. People have to realize that the adolescent/teenager portion of ones life is a time of self realization and expression. Teens are just finding these things as outlets for emotion and expression. The media uses these things and utilizes them in a sort of campaign to portray us as bad and untrusting.

Teens are not only portrayed as delinquents but also as disloyal, jobless, untrusting monsters. The media causes the public following to assume that all teenagers are bad and immoral just because of a few that have done things wrong. And even when a teen does something wrong, that too is sensationalized. We do not generalize that all adults are killers and rapists just because a few have chosen the "wayward path." In that sense, it contradicts one of the many other facets that the media represents unfairly. Teenagers are seen as immature and with no future. But are we not more mature than our adult role models by not generalizing about them?

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This essay is about how society is generalizing teens so that we are all the same. Girls are all at risk of having sex and getting pregnant, but that's not true. Guys are stereotyped as pot-smokers and drug-users and overall punks. That's not true either. Society needs to improve their vision and look a little closer.

It is true that we as teenagers are put under a microscope nowadays, and this increases the chances of our "rebeliousness". However, it may be different in every country, as I have not felt such a harsh treatment here, in my country. It is always interesting to learn how people my age are seen in other places.

I feel I can really relate to this in so many ways. Just with the fact that I've seen so many people casting immediate judgement without any regard to the person they're judging at hand. I'm certain so many people in our generation can relate to.