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I  have a lot of friends. They are people who I can have great fun with. When I am in trouble they're always there to cheer me up. Let's takе (имя), for example. He's the one who I can turn to when I have problems at home. I can talk all my problems through with him. He's supportive and can keep secrets. It's important, isn't it? And (имя)? She's so brainy! I always turn to her when I have problems with maths.

(имя) is great at working on the computer. She teaches me how to work, too. She's so kind and considerate. We have a lot of similar interests with Mike. And besides (имя) is the only one I can play football with! Each time we all get together we have a good laugh. Sometimes we have arguments but we make up (миримся) quickly. We are never bored.