Задайте 10 вопросов к тексту a clever trick

It was a cold and stormy night. A traveller was riding a horse. It was raining cats and

dogs and he was wet to the skin. He had been riding for a few hours before he could find

an inn.

When he entered the inn he saw a lot of people there. They were sitting in front of the

fire and there wasn't a seat left for him.

A good idea struck him. He called the waiter and said to him in a loud voice: "Boy, take

a plate of oysters to my horse."

Everybody was surprised. The waiter put some oysters on the plate and went out.

Naturally, the other people went out to see if the horse would eat the oysters.

A few minutes later the waiter returned with the news that the horse had refused to eat

the oysters. When the other people returned they saw that the traveller was sitting

comfortably in a chair. He was warming his feet beside the fire. And suddenly

everybody realized why the traveller had ordered the waiter to take the oysters to the


какая прелесть этот текст!))

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 1) What was the weather that night?
2) How long had the traveller been riding that night?
10) Why did he need a place by the fire?
3) What did he see entering the inn?
4) what did he tell to the waiter?
5) Why were the people surprised?
6) Where did they go?
7) What was the waiter's news ?
8)  What did  the other people see when they returned? 
9) Did they realize what the traveller's idea was?
Sorry, в первом вопросе пропустила слово "like" после слова погода