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Speaking about computer I would like to speak about Internet. Millions of people around the world use the Internet every day. I have the internet at home and enjoy looking for useful information for me. Internet is very useful, because it is a huge base of data and knowledge, where you can find any thing you want from movies and music of interest to the vast number of books, newspapers and magazines. Internet helps to learn lots (или a lot). (можно по-другому: Internet helps studying.) To find more information, download the required essay, watch video about some books which you have already read, everything can be done through the Internet. Email is one of the advantages of the Internet. This online service is cheaper than regular mail, and it works much faster.  You never lose touch with loved ones, wherever they are using such mean of communication. I have a personal e-mail and have an opportunity to chat with my friends from other cities and countries.   Nowadays there are very different popular social networks where communication with your friends and relatives also is not difficult. Today there are many different Internet - competitions for different subjects which give students the opportunity to participate even in international competitions. On the other hand I think that the Internet  becomes a way of a person life and it is very harmful for our health. Many teenagers spend a long of time sitting at the  computers and spoiling themselves eyes. I don't mean that I am against the Internet, but it should have  reasonable limits.