Найдите грамматические ошибки в сочинении.

Сама написала сочинение. Прошу вас, если есть ошибки, исправить и указать верный вариант.

One winter evening very strong wind blew. Miller stayed at home, and slept in a chair. From a wind the window at which there was a lamp opened. The lamp fell to a floor and lit up. The fire began. Miller's all family ran out from the house, having taken with itself only a little food. The fire ended.
- Repair is necessary to our house. Where we will live now?
- We can live at Hans. After all he is our friend. It will shelter us.
Miller's family came into Hans's house. Meanwhile Small Hans tried to be warmed at the furnace.
- We have a trouble! - compassionately Miller told. - The friend, you not against, what I and my family we will live at you?
- Certainly! I am glad you to see! Live how many you will wish!

Next day Miller early woke Hans.- Hans, give a breakfast.
Hans brought a few nuts.
- It everything? Bring something else.
- Forgive, Miller, but I have no food any more...

All winter Miller and Hans lived in poverty. Miller understood how it was heavy to live to Hans.
In the spring Miller built the house anew. It was helped by Hans. Now Miller really appreciated the friend and shared with all of them a crop as Hans once shared.


Ответы и объяснения

У тебя всё правильно но только одна ошибка.7 стока там у тебя написано Hans's а надо просто Hans