помогите пожалуйста .
1. I (see) _______________a very good film last week.
You (see) it yet?______________________

2. What films (be) ___________on now? - I
(not, know).__________________________

3. Are you going to the post-office? - I
already (be)____________________ there.

4. What is she doing? - She (make)___________________
a cake.

5.I (phone) _________________________you as
soon as I get home after work.

6. I (prefer) _______________________ food which is
not hot.

7. I'm very tired. I (not, sleep) ____________________for
2 days.

8. Quick! Take the kettle off the cooker. The
water (boil).______________________________

9. Jane (recover)____________________ yet? No,
she still (be) in hospital.

10. If he goes (on, by) car, I'll join him.

11. How (much, many) does this coat cost?

12. Would you like (a, the, —) glass of milk?

13. He (live) in Spain when he was a child.

14. Alice
(not, go)__________________________ to work by bus, she lives near her office.

15. What you (do)_______________________________
when Ben phoned?

16. They (move)____________________________________
into their new flat yet?

17. Do you know what they (discuss) ______________________now?

18. The problem was (serious) ________________________________than
we expected.

19.I saw Tom only (a few, a little) days ago.

20. Take (off, of, on) your coat.
It's warm here.


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