1.Merry said?"I went to London with my sister "
2/ My mother asked ,"Did you clean the room yesterday&
3/Her teacher says, "I am going to ask you"
3.The teacher asked, "How did the acedent happen?"
4 I asked, "WHERE are you living now?"
5. Robert said to his friend ,"What interests you most of all?"
6. Pete asked his friend ,"who won the game?"


Ответы и объяснения

1.Merry said she had gone to London with her sister
2/ My mother asked if I cleaned the room THE DAY BEFORE yesterday
3/Her teacher says she was going to ask me
3.The teacher asked how  the acedent happened
4 I asked where he was living then
5. Robert asked his friend what he interested most of all
6. Pete asked his friend who had won the game