Образуйте вопросительную и отрицательную формы от следующих предложений:
1. She has been to England twice.2. Dr.Grant has phoned her this evening.3. The President has left for London today.4. She has just returned.5. The Herrigtons have bought a new car.6. You have passed your examination.7. My brother has given up smoking.8 .1 have lost my key.9. Charles has found a new job.10.1 have already written a letter to my aunt


Ответы и объяснения

1 she has not been to England twice. Has she been to England twice?
2 Dr. Grant has not phoned her this evening. Has Dr. Grant phoned his this evening?
3 The president has not left for London today. Has the President left for London today?
4 She has not just returned. Has just she returned?
5 The Herrigtons have not bought....(допишите далее сами) Have the Herrigtons bought a new car?
6 you have not passed... Have you passed......?
7 my brother has not given.... Has my brother given......?
8 I have not lost... Have you lost...?
9 I have not already written.... Have already i written...?